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Kesariya / Bhagva Vastram have a special significance in Sanatan Dharma.

As per Sanatan belief, Goddess Parvati colored her white cloth with blood and gave it to Gorakshanatha as a blessing.
Thus clothing of this color is treated as the dictum of the Goddess and as a gift for sannyasins (those who have renounce the world). So, all sannyasins wear clothing of this color. Sanatan scriptures have given a thought to the qualities of colors also

According to Sanatan Dharma,

Saffron (or Kesariya / Bhagva) is the color of

Sunset (Sandhya) and Fire (Agni) which symbolises sacrifice, light, and quest of salvation.

The color is worn by Sanatan saints and ascetics as their devotion toward the Dharma.

Sanatan Dharma